County Judges In The News

Time as Juror Left Impression on County Judge
Judge Robert Fegers (Polk)
The Ledger
October 16, 2011
Judge Makes Housecalls
Judge Lou Schiff (Broward)
September 13, 2009
Marker Memorial - Alternative Sentencing Project
Judge Carmine Bravo (Seminole)
Google Video
June 25, 2007
Parents Who Make School Better
Judge Louis H. Schiff (Broward)
USA Weekend
August 13, 2006
Judge Judith Hawkins - Volunteer of the Year
Judge Judith Hawkins (Leon)
April 27, 2006
Broward County Judges - Misdemeanor Drug Court September, 2005
Judge Aims To Extinguish Teen Smoking
Judge Louis H. Schiff (Broward)
Miami Herald
January 11, 2004
Cub Scouts Explore Justice System
Judge Donna Miller (Lake)
Orlando Sentinel
November 15, 2003
Judge Exemplifies American Dream
Judge Alli B. Majeed (Brevard)
Florida Today
July 17, 2003
A Judge In The Classroom
Judge Pauline Drayton-Harris (Duval)
Florida Bar Journal
June 15, 2003
Mental-Health Judge to give
talk at FSC

Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren (Broward)
The Lakeland Ledger
February 19, 2003
Keys Judge Breaks Chains by

Judge Ruth Becker-Painter (Monroe)
Florida Bar News
Published November 15, 2002
Principal for a day program
links leaders, kids

Judge Charles Burton (Palm Beach)
by Katie Mee
Palm Beach Post
Story posted November 13, 2002
Offender's Field Trip To Medical
Examiner's Office

Judge Joel T. Lazarus (Broward)
by Peter Hawkins
Story posted September 27, 2002
Local Lawyer Turns Judge
Judge Rhonda Babb - (Brevard)
by Brian Monroe
Florida Today
Story posted August 9, 2002
New Hillsborough County Judge
Judge Michelle Peden - (Hillsborough)
by Gary Sprott
The Tampa Tribune
Story posted August 8, 2002
Creative Sentences for Teen Drivers 
Judge Louis H. Schiff -  (Broward)
By Hannah Sampson
Miami Herald
Story posted August 4, 2002
Judge Futch Taking A Stand
Judge John Futch - (Marion)
by Manoucheka Celeste
Star Banner Ocala, Florida
Story posted July 22, 2002


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